A disruptive and distracted student finds a wooden doll in the janitor's closet.


Made when I was the Teacher's assistant the Filmmaking class at Columbia High School in the first semester of my Senior year, The Shadow Puppet  is a fun thriller that touches on the distracting nature of our cell phones and their simultaneous uses as mp3 players. I helped with the script, as well as direction on set to produce this project outlined in September 2018. Its final cut came out this past February, 2019.


An artist lacking inspiration and creativity decides to draw in color.


Produced for the Animation class at Columbia High School also taught by Paul Marigliano — Colors of the Spirit was outlined in January 2018, with its final cut exported the following November, taking a total of ten months to complete. While I prefer collaboration, Colors of the Spirit is my first piece where I was the entire crew.


In the year 2038, new laws and technologies have been implemented in public high schools as forms of student punishment.


Made at The University of Texas at Austin's RTF summer advanced media camp in 2018, Detention 2038 was my pitch. Completed with the help of my newfound collaborators Emily Roberts, Ian Stoltz, Rina Newhouse, and Robert Lira, Detention 2038 successfully portrays the 1984  inspired, dark, dystopia we were envisioning, and is a fun watch. 


The school dance is tonight and Max still has yet to find a date.

Finalized in June 2017, Max's Candy Crush is a comedy I co-directed with my good friend and collaborator Aidan Romanaux. While I'd jotted down outlines and come up with storyboards for my films prior, Max's Candy Crush was my first standard-screenplay-format-written piece to make it to the big screen. Yes, I also star as myself in the film.


Teenagers from Syria, Iraq, and Maplewood, New Jersey, come together in friendship through a summer program called Village to Village United.

In the summer of 2017, I participated in an organization called Village to Village United, a program in my town that works to integrate suburban teenagers with Syrian and Iraqi refugees in friendship. I made a ton of friends, and on the last day: this documentary. I still keep up with several of the refugees through social media, and consider them my great friends.


P'tcha (also knows as Calves Foot Jelly)  is a traditional Ashkenazi Jewish dish made from jellied calves feet.

Written and Directed by my dear friend and collaborator Tyler Marlowe in December 2017, P'TCHA was a last minute piece made over the course of two separate weekends for Tyler's college applications. He asked me to be the Director of Photography, and I did not heed the call. 


Two cops are called to the scene of a murder at a summer camp in Pennsylvania. Their suspect is a young girl; Lila, who attempts to plead her innocence.​

Written in two days, The Alibi is a murder mystery and thriller told from the perspective of two cops's only witness; Lila, a camper at a local summer sleep-away camp. As a Councillor in Training, I taught and guided three campers including Rubens Fournis, Channon Macom, and William Davis, through the entire film-making process, showing them everything from the first steps of loglining, to exporting a final cut. I only met with this cast and crew for an hour each day over the course of 10 days, yet the end result was great: a fun little cult classic for the campers at Independent Lake Camp.


In a booty-call gone wrong, a young man reluctantly adapts a keen enjoyment a truly larger-than-life board game.

Also made at The University of Texas at Austin's RTF summer advanced media camp, but in 2017, Dungeons and Dates was completed with the help of other my fellow campers and group mates: Caleb Colenda, Jessica Betis, and Daniella Bodoh. 


Max and Aidan think they're the coolest kids in school, but it takes seven days of filming a reality show about themselves to find out they are nothing but lames.

Completed in November 2016 with Aidan Romanaux, this was the first short film I ever worked on. We never wrote a script, and every scene was entirely improvised. While it's one of my longest films, it's easily one of my funniest as well. Who doesn't love improvised comedy on camera?

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